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Helo HSS and HST steam generators offer a simple solution for making your steam bath running. Traditional design for wall mounting. Can be used both in domestic and commercial use, water tank is 5 litres.
Changeable, Incaloy heating elements protected by replaceable thermofuse, electronic water level control for dry run protection. With a separate split-box it is possible to gang 2 -3 generators for more power output.

For professional use it is highly recommended to use the Auto clean valve for HSS/HST.

TypePower (kW)Sauna size (m³)

34 M 3.4 kW 1.5-2.5 m³

47 M 4.7 kW 2.5-5.0 m³

60 M 6.0 kW 5.0-7.0 m³

77 M 7.7 kW 7.0-10.0 m³